Monday, January 08, 2007


"Whole Wheat Radio (WWR) is a listener controlled, internet-only webcast and wiki website based in Talkeetna, Alaska, centered around independent music aired 24 hours a day, that is financially and operationally maintained by an all-volunteer community as a grassroots alternative to mainstream media. WWR's listener driven webcast and real-time interactive community, distinguish it from other streaming webcasts, social music networks, and peer to peer music file sharing websites.....
...Though Jim Kloss and Esther Golton host WWR from their home in Talkeetna, listeners control the music and other on-air content heard throughout the day through the website's request pages....
...To listen to the Whole Wheat Radio webcast, participate in the chat and/or contribute to the wiki a listener needs only a computer, an internet connection, a software music player and a browser....
....WWR's technological innovations have facilitated the growth of a small virtual community that is driven by the audience and not station management. Known as
Wheatheads, regular listeners interact in a "chat room", request, rate and tag music, send original music, write to artists and create wiki pages.
An example of technology reaching the world from a small rural town in Alaska, WWR's low-profile adult format succeeds without typical web advertising or competitive musical hype. Typically, WWR reaches more
SHOUTcast listeners on a daily basis than any other webcast originating in Alaska." - from Wikipedia

I just checked WWR out after hearing about it many times on J-Walk. The music is fantastic, and the people are great!


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Thanks! Glad to meet ya...

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