Saturday, January 06, 2007


I love movies. And I just found an awesome movie resource, a site called GreenCine, which offers a variety of movie services, including downloadable rentals and DVD rental by mail (ala NetFlix).

The best part (if you like to read about movies) is their series of PRIMERS:

"Going along with GreenCine's belief that DVDs are not just entertainment but film-schools-in-a-box, we're happy to introduce you to our own form of film education: Primers. They are meant to be a fun introductory overview of major film genres and movements, and to serve as handy guides in your rental selection process. The primers, written by a mix of GreenCine staff writers and outside experts, will highlight the representative films of each genre available at GreenCine."

A few of their excellent primers:

James Bond
Zombie Movies
Time Travel Movies
Science Fiction


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