Thursday, June 29, 2006

This, my first post, is intended not for readers at the time of posting (06/29/06) but rather for readers from the distant future. You see, this blog is going to become the most popular one in history, and naturally readers are going to surf the archives back...back...all the way back to here, the beginning, to see how it all started. Did Mark kick it off with some stupid mundane post, like a recipe? Did he use cutesy terms like LOL or OMFG or O RLY?

No, the beginning shall be.....

Well, I got nuthin'.

How about a picture of my tat?

It's by tattoo legend Freddy Negrete.

Having a first tattoo done by him is like having Les Paul hand you your first guitar. In the Blade films, Wesley Snipes is covered with his tattoos. Shaq has one. Fuck, even Boy George has one. And one magic night, at Tattoo Mania across from the Viper Room in L.A., I lucked into the opportunity.

BTW, it's on my right calf (so you don't have to try and guess the body part)

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