Saturday, July 08, 2006


I have an idea for the airline industry.
I've always felt that they should have Anesthesia Airlines. It would be the ultimate way to fly.

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The way it works is you go into a comfy departure lounge and are put out completely. When you are brought back to consciousness, you are in a comfy arrival lounge at your destination.

In between, you are loaded into the plane on racks of cots and are attended to by a staff of anesthesiologists.

The plane wouldn't need a whole lot of amenities and could be stuffed to the gills. Added bonus: if the plane crashed, none of the passengers would suffer (or even know!) Subjectively, trips taken via this method would feel like teleportation!

"Excellent idea. An added benefit to that is that you cannot eat before anethesia so you wouldn't have to eat the airport food! " - Variant E

There's a story in a similar vein by Stephen King called "The Jaunt" (but it's about actual teleportation, not an airline.)


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