Sunday, July 02, 2006


I like being in certain places that I'm not supposed to be. Like, if I see an abandoned building or something, I automatically feel like sneaking inside. I like forgotten places that are overgrown and unused. Places that look like they're from a zombie movie, or a post apocalyptic dream. I don't damage anything - just being there is the thrill.
(A website about sneaking into places)

Near where I live is a huge abandoned building that used to be a giant PX for a branch of the military. It's boarded up, fenced in and in a state of delicious decrepitude. I found an open door late, late at night and explored a bit...

Inside was a scene right out of a video game. Half-Life 2, maybe. A maze-like array of drywall corridors. Broken glass and garbage underfoot, grafitti and empty spray cans, cast away pipes, beams, rubble, chairs.

By the dim blue light of a cell phone, I spotted a creepy face grafitti. When the white flash popped, for a horrifying frozen instant red paint appeared, blood leaking from the spectral face. My friend and I gasped as our minds reassembled the image in the inky blackness....

I kept waiting for zombies or other videogame monsters to shamble out of the darkness. The building, used by the fire department for training, presented strange sights, like a metal folding chair embedded in the drywall above our heads.

The darkness and unfamiliar surroundings amped up our reality. We felt vital and alive, scared and thrilled.

Before long, the zombies did come out. We were unarmed. Our screams reverberated out into the night through the shattered glass of the tiny, inescapable window. (no, that part's untrue. I can't back that up.)

A splendid time was had by all, until a bit later when the po-po scared us away.


Blogger House of Suz said...

Nice photo essay. Kinda gave me the creeps though.

My friend, who shall remain nameless, never locks his doors because "he lives in the suburbs" and evidently that means there's no crime. One day one of his kids will off-handly remark to a friend that the door's always open, that friend will tell his brother who hangs out with meth heads and next thing you know my friend will be relieved of all his worldly possessions. Not a pretty story but would probably make a decent blog entry; perhaps I should take photos of his stuff now....for insurance purposes, of course.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a naughty naughty boy!!!


7:40 PM  

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