Monday, August 06, 2007


Zeitgeist, the movie, is a harrowing and extremely well made agitprop documentary about the shadowy forces that have sought to control you since before you were even born. It's a glossy masterpiece of paranoia. By the time it concludes you may find yourself donning a tinfoil hat, moving into a cabin in the woods and writing manifestos. It has a running time of two hours, but is designed to masterfully suck you in. And ultimately it has a message of Love overpowering The Man - and really, what's not to like about that?

"Wow, that was an interesting video. Most seems like total crap but really got me thinking about things. If even 10% of the content was true I'd have to re-think my whole outlook on life and the world in general." -xdibblerx, Digg

"This is probably the single greatest documentary movie you will ever see, and I am not kidding. Nothing can be said to prepare you for what you are about to see. You must just see it and you will understand. Zeitgeist is broken up into 3 parts to watch. You MUST see all 3 parts." -

"This is the best-produced documentary of THE BIGGER PICTURE of the systems of control: religion, false-flag terror and fractional reserve banking......
.....The argumentation & evidence are compelling, as is the fantastic soundtrack.
Amazing work. " - Acrobat740

"I just watched the most eye opening video of my life. I challenge any and all to view it -- and come back with your take on it..." - nanobriga

"Just watch it. make up your own mind afterwards, but just watch it. I am not blinded by fear and only learned a few new things, but WOW what a collection of information.... "-BrapAllgood, Digg


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