Tuesday, July 24, 2007

(Chocolate Rain)

Chocolate Rain is a song by Tay Zonday, the newest viral superstar of the intertubes. He's a grad student who dabbles in music, and he put a video on YouTube that is setting the world on fire. Chocolate Rain is tailor-made for internet meme history, because it's so oddly compelling to watch and impossible to forget. In fact, I'm about ready to bore a hole in my skull to let it out. Tay Zonday is a lanky conundrum with the face of Janet Jackson, the sing-out-the-side-of-your-mouth grimace of Sammy Davis Junior, the youthful zeal of a 14 year old Karaoke singer and the most-jarringly-mismatched-voice-for-the-face of, well, anyone ever. He sounds like an unholy amalgam of Robert Goulet, Lou Rawls, James Earl Jones and that guy from Crash Test Dummies. The mental disconnect that happens when you first view it is exquisite - truly a WTF? moment. By the time your brain decides that he is, in fact, serious, he has repeated the phrase 'Chocolate Rain' dozens of times, a classic brainwashing technique that sets the hook in your mouth like a pro angler.

The hilarious remixes and mashups of this are probably just beginning...

UPDATE 07-25-07 Here's my own custom remix - right click to download the FREE MP3

UPDATE 07-26-07 Last but not least, the video of my Chocolate Rain remix:


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