Saturday, October 25, 2008

( Imagine how you would feel if you found a gas station that had gasoline for 40 cents per gallon. That's how I feel right now. Not too long ago, I found the website, the blog of a guy named Ira. "Shattering the eyeglasses scam", the tagline said. The information that I found there was incredible: eyeglasses, an important and vital commodity, are one of the most price-inflated products out there. In fact, they are routinely marked up 1000%.

I was procrastinating and badly needed new eyeglasses. My two pairs were ancient and worn out. I thought that I would embark on an experiment, and follow Ira's advice. On his website, he shows you how to use your prescription to order eyeglasses over the internet. He links over to some web-based eyeglass companies. Armed with a recent prescription, I ordered a pair from a website called Goggles4u. They arrived in about two weeks. The price?

$24.69. With free shipping.

This is about 1/10 of the price that I've been programmed to expect.

The kicker? The glasses are awesome. The lenses are perfect, and include antiglare/antireflective/UV coatings. The frames are no different in quality than any other glasses I've owned. It's not some cut-rate, inferior product - it's the same thing, at 90% off.

My mind is blown. I'm going to start ordering pairs from his other recommended sites, as an experiment. After all, if eyeglasses are no more expensive than a DVD or a book or a meal, why not have many pairs?

I have a pair on order now from Zenni optical that cost under $40, and I can't wait to see what they are like. Zenni even has a selection of glasses that are $8. EIGHT dollars, frame and lenses.

I'm officially shouting it from the rooftops: eyeglasses can be had for a tenth of what you have been paying. Thanks, Ira, I can hardly believe it.


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