Thursday, August 23, 2007


The problem: After five incredible fun-filled days showing my sister Judy and husband Al around Seattle, how could I make the sixth and final day even more show-stopping and memorable than anything that came before? How could I put a glorious cherry on top of their first visit ever to the 'Paris of America'? It's not easy, but I'll tell you how. You have to put yourself in the hands of the most gracious, generous and classy individuals on the planet. That's right: a PRIVATE BOAT CRUISE with Anne and Marv Peterson on their amazing 35' boat, the CIMARRON.

This awe-inspiring boat ride was one of the greatest times of my life. Judy & Al felt so special going on this unique and personal tour of Lake Union and Lake Washington. Anne, my co-worker at Children's Hospital, and her husband Marv 'The Coolest Guy In The World' Peterson, made us feel like royalty on a four hour journey of bliss.

It started off with me moronically looking for them at the wrong dock. After a round of phone calls confirmed me as a doofus, the Petersons had us sit tight, and picked us up in the boat, right where we were. (which was quite far away from the right place.)

We docked at Fisherman's Terminal, the site of the largest fishing fleet in the northwest, and had yummy fish at Chinook's restaurant. Anne & Marv introduced us to the Chinookie, a sweet-tooth's dream cookie for dessert. A thorough tour of Lake Union followed, then it was off through the Lake Washington Ship Canal for a gander at Bill Gates' home. I just could never thank the Petersons enough for this magical experience - one that I'm sure Judy & Al will remember forever.

Afterwards I took Judy & Al to the Ballard Locks, where we saw gigantic salmon in the fish ladder. Then, a short car ride up and down Golden Gardens, and a final stop at Archie McPhee's, and we were completely done. All that remained was their trip to the airport, where reportedly Judy 'cried halfway there'. I'm happy to report they arrived home safe and sound, and loved their week in The Emerald City as much as I loved showing it to them.


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