Monday, December 11, 2006


The Perfect Gift

By Brodie H. Brockie

I am looking for the perfect gift. A gift that you did not ask for, that you never would have thought to ask for, and yet when you see it, you realize it is better than anything you ever wanted.

It will be a gift that will not be used up quickly, but instead, seen often - perhaps daily, but no matter how many times you see it, it will seem special. You will always think of me when you see it, and think, "my, that was thoughtful."

When you think of me, I will be taller.

The gift will be wrapped artistically, but not too unconventionally. No matter how many other gifts are waiting for you, the way mine is wrapped will make it stand out from the group. You will want to open it first, but also say, "it's almost too pretty to open."

The tape will hardly be visible at all....


via Cap'n Wacky


Blogger House of Suz said...

Well, according to the Roommate, the perfect gift was a Michelle watch I gave him about 5 years ago. It's beautiful and stylish and it's special every time he looks at it because it tells him what time it is. And because it came from me. But mostly because it was insanly expensive for a gift given for no reason in particular.

12:03 PM  

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