Saturday, December 16, 2006


My electricity just came back on, after being out for two days due to a fierce wind storm. It was VERY STRANGE to live without electricity for that long. I have hurricane lanterns and a fireplace, and the power didn't go out at University Village - so it's not like there was any danger. But it's AMAZING how much we take basic services like electricity for granted. It is just unbelievably SILENT when not even your refrigerator is running.

I went out on a lot of scooter rides and there were trees down everywhere. Some of them had fallen on buildings, like the UVillage Burgermaster.

Not being able to blog or find out information on the web was TERRIBLE. I'm an information junkie, and I usually read for several hours every day. Not having access to data was like being without... air, or something.

But it's back on now! I can cook, bathe, listen to music, blog, charge my cell phone, watch movies...

A lot of people are still without power, including some friends of mine, who may be coming over tonight.

What the hell did people do before electricity!?!?


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