Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yesterday I found this amazing interview with one of my favorite people, Frank Zappa. Tragically, Frank died of cancer at the age of 52. He was the most astonishing composer of the modern era and one of the most prolific artists of our time, working constantly throughout his life seven days a week, twelve to nineteen hours a day on an enormous body of work - hundreds upon hundreds of groundbreaking recordings. His acerbic, biting humor exposed the bullshit of modern society and his unparalleled imagination pushed the boundaries of modern musical theory and recording technology. If humanity is around in 1000 years, his music will be still be studied by scholars.

This may be the best interview of any kind I've ever read...

The Mother Of All Interviews

" of the hallmarks of contemporary life is what I perceive to he a conspiracy against conscious thought. Every aspect of government at every level has conspired to minimize education and to punish any individual or group that chooses to experience the full benefits of the First Amendment. The contemporary message - the subtext of contemporary life - is keep your fucking mouth shut and he a drone. And government is set up in such a way now with its complete disregard for the value of education that they're going to perpetuate a type of stupidity that makes it possible to have an entire nation of people watching late-night infomercials on TV with their phone-in credit card..."

"...Well, it seems to me that the subtext for stamping out the arts. . . . In the realm of the arts, you always have the possibility for creative thinking, which means deviation from the norm, the prescribed political norm that everybody is trying to cram down your throat. If they can stop creative thinking, then they've got a better chance of maintaining the stranglehold of stupidity on the entire population. And creative thinking can, and often does, start at an early age. So if they can nip it in the bud, while the little beggars are in school, then it's good for them. I think they would like to replace every single art program with some sort of sport or ROTC thing just to keep people from thinking..."

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