Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This adorable little doggy will do tricks for you. Just type in your commands. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?


Blogger Variant E said...

Funny, I tried "fetch the winning lottery ticket" and got an 'I don't know that one' answer. Guess he needs more training...

12:02 AM  
Blogger House of Suz said...

He's a little cutie but he doesn't know as many tricks as my little Ruffie.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous cyn said...

i wonder if he knows the "peanut butter" trick ... whadda cutey! i have a little yorkie looks just like him but mine is a mimbo, stares blankly at you but CUTE blankly

3:27 PM  
Blogger markjamesmurphy said...

A mimbo?

6:13 PM  

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