Thursday, July 20, 2006


On a scenic drive with my folks, I saw this ultra-cool scooter for sale in New Hampshire:

I have a scooter club that I'm trying to get off the ground called "Heck's Angels" , back in Seattle. If you're in the area, please join - our motto is "Born To Be Mild".

My scooter gets 135 mpg and I've tricked it out with some neat customizations, including a stereo. The red one in NH, however, is 150cc (mine is 50cc) and the bodywork/roof make it truly droolworthy.

In this photo, I'm thinking of just starting her up and making a break for it. But I don't think it would be too hard for the police to identify. Oh well.

****** Addendum (07/24/06)******
It's called the Diamo Velux and retails for 3999USD.


Blogger House of Suz said...

I would think you'd need a roof in Seattle. Hope you bought it.

9:39 AM  
Blogger markjamesmurphy said...

I would have bought it in a heartbeat if I could justify the expense. It was priced at a staggeringly low 1800usd. In Seattle, it would be around 4000usd, I bet.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:19 AM  

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