Tuesday, March 04, 2008


All aboard the failboat! This amusing internet meme, a severely listing ship with the caption "ALL ABOARD THE FAILBOAT" added, has been making the web rounds for quite some time. Now, WIRED magazine has written a gripping article about a team of the manliest men imaginable - salvage specialists who literally got aboard the actual failboat and attempted to right her, with millions of dollars of cargo at stake and a gigantic environmental crisis looming. This story begs to be made into a movie!

'After more than a day of full-speed motoring through the North Pacific, the Titan team spies the Cougar Ace. ....... as the Makushin Bay approaches, the scale of the ship dwarfs the salvage vessel. In the distance, a 378-foot Coast Guard cutter — complete with helicopter and 76-mm cannon — looks puny compared with the car carrier. It's as if the men have gone through some kind of black hole and emerged as miniatures in a new and damaged world. The Cougar Ace lies on its side, its enormous red belly exposed to the smaller boats around it. The propeller floats eerily out of the water, the rudder flopped hard to port in the air.

"Holy fuck," Trepte mutters.....' (Wired)


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