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Parallels: The Music Of YES I had a magical experience last night. Alan Genatossio, a coworker of mine, has spent the last several years putting together a world class tribute to the music of YES. Parallels The Music Of YES is a band that dares to tread into the complex musical, philosophical and spiritual territory of YES music. Anyone who knows me knows about my passion for the music of YES, so it was with a very critical ear that I ventured to Everett to hear this, only the second gig by the nascent group.

After a great set by Blind Floyd (a tribute to Pink Floyd) I was primed to hear some YES music, because it was immediately apparent that Jimmy Z's had a great sound system. After a quick setup and cursory sound check, Parallels began (with the song Parallels) to leave the audience of Yes fans in awe.

From the first bar it was apparent that a massive amount of talent and experience was assembled onstage. The best compliment I can give to Parallels is that they took me to the exact same place that only YES had ever taken me before. Let me tell you that this band has the insane chops and sheer cojones needed to tackle this extremely complex material. On it's own, this show would have been extraordinary - but it was kicked up a huge notch when the band revealed that actual YES alumnus Patrick Moraz, the virtuosic swiss keyboard wizard, was in the audience. For me, this raised the event into something more: actual YES history.

Watching Parallels, and watching Patrick Moraz watch Parallels, went into the realm of being a magical experience. Remember, not many people have seen this band yet, so we all sort of collectively gasped in discovery as an audience. One guy had come all the way from Minnesota to see the show. There were quite a few Yes T-shirts in the audience - I mean, these were some big time fans of this music. And... well, there were ovations.

Afterwards, Patrick seemed thrilled to sign autographs and chat with audience members. He was a really cool guy.

Here's a video clip of Yours Is No Disgrace, their final song. Do not miss the part at 12:00 when Patrick takes the stage to commend the band!

Parallels The Music Of YES is going to be huge. YES fans are going to support this band as they continue their journey. I'm so glad I was there at this pivotal show. Alan, Jonathan, Randy, Dan, Robyn - THANK YOU!


Blogger Ace Jackalope said...

Very impressive and energetic. I wish you guys would head inland on a club tour. Getting Alan White was a nice touch, but you seem pretty darn good w/o him.

3:46 PM  

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