Saturday, June 23, 2007


Rejected. Animator Don Hertzfeldt seemingly made these hilarious animations in 1999 as promotional spots for the Family Learning Channel, but they were all rejected.

In reality, there is no such channel, as he refuses to to commercial work:

"In public appearances, he often tells the story that he always wished he could just make a cheap, nonsensical commercial to give to the company intending to hire him, make off with their money, and see if the terrible cartoons would actually make it to air. Eventually this became the germ for Rejected's theme of a collection of cartoons so bad they were rejected by advertising agencies, leading to their creator's breakdown and, presumably, his demise.
Hertzfeldt has never accepted "real" commercial work and has stated numerous times on his website and in public appearances that he never will, as he feels they are "lies" and does not want to lie to his audience."
- (from the Wikipedia entry on Rejected)

NSFW language!!!!


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