Sunday, January 21, 2007


Orville Deadenbacher. A line has definitely been crossed here. In this commercial, the ghoulish, reanimated corpse of Orville Redenbacher (who died in 1995) returns from the grave to hawk popcorn. THE MAN IS DEAD, YOU CORPORATE FUCKS. This is tasteless and creepy at best. I suppose it was inevitable.

"Wow. Those unnatural herky-jerky movements, that ridiculous dead marionette face, those empty, empty eyes, and that look of complete horror on the face of the guy at the coffee machine when he realizes that a re-animated corpse is talking about MP3 players no more than 5 feet away—I've never craved some light, buttery popcorn more. I can practically taste its microwaved goodness right now: salty, crunchy yet airy, expertly fluffed by lifeless, decaying hands. Yum!"

"did you see his skeletal claw-hand thing reach into the microwave and snatch away the popcorn like it was embalming fluid? ew." - the jace

"Man that popcorn commercial is borderline unwatchable. I keep waiting for someone in the commercial to say "I thought you were dead!", because at least then I'd know it was a joke. " - byrd

" I'm going to be having nightmares of Zombie-Orville for the next three months. I'm so glad the commercials don't play on TV where I live or else I would really freak out. - val

"But this is far, far worse. ......than making Fred Astaire dance with a vacuum cleaner -- at least then it was real footage of him. This is....horrifying. - Paul

"A whole generation of children will be afraid to open the cabinet where the popcorn is kept in fear that "He Who Pops" will be there, waiting to take them kicking and screaming into his Hot Buttered Hell. - Hugh Douche II

-all quotes from The Onion A.V. club


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